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Share this story CELEBRATING Halloween is catching on in France, even though it is still seen as something of an American import. More traditional here is

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We French don’t have a dating process, with rules about what you can or can’t do at each specific date. It is entirely up to you to make up your own rules.

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When making plans, appointments, and travel arrangements in French-speaking countries, you need to be able to state dates and other calendar terms in French.

... will learn how to ask and tell the date in french first it might be a

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Listen to the vocabulary using the Audio Player, Just click on the words. Email Greeting Cards. French Greetings. how to say .

French calendars start with Monday as the first day of the week. Keep ...

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Dates written in French are ordered by the day, month and year. This format is used in both shorthand and longer date notation; however, the longer

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French Dates. Before going on with this lesson, you should read the one on French Numbers. It will come in handy as we discuss the days of the month and

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French Revolutionary Calendar. Converting dates since 1792 from the Gregorian to the Jacobin calendar. Crane Brinton's discussion of the calendar

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To talk about dates in French, you need numbers and also the names of the days and of the months. You also might need to know the seasons of the year.

Here are the days of the week in French [note that the week starts ...

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30.12.2009 · I'm sending out "Save the Date" cards, and a few of them are going to friends in France. I'd like to send a french version of the card to them, but I'm not

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All the ways dating in America is completely different from dating Americans go on formal dates; The word “date” has no equivalent in French,

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08.01.2016 · How to Say the Names of Fruits in French. Learn the French words for these fruits. Then, next time you go to the market, you can practice your French as

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20.01.2017 · Verb . date ‎(third-person singular simple present dates, present participle dating, simple past and past participle dated) To note the time

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French (le français [lə fʁɑ̃sɛ] or la langue française [la lɑ̃ɡ fʁɑ̃sɛz]) is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. It descended

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Dates in French. In this lesson you will learn how to ask and tell the date in French. First it might be a good idea to first review my previous lessons on

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27.10.2010 · Hi all, I try to create a file with a date in french using this code but does not work: Today_French = Format(Date, "[$-0c0c]dd MMMM yyyy") this

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16.10.2010 · Video embedded · Learn the days of the week, the months, and how to say the date in French. Suitable for Key Stage 3

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BOO!! Time for Halloween in France! It is said that, along with Ireland and Britain, France was one of the first to celebrate Halloween. So, why is it a

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The word for the months in French is les mois. Find out words for the months in French with this free lesson! Listen to the audio of the French months and